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AwardCentral Engineering was a foundation member of the Australian Steel Institute Environmental Sustainability Charter established by ASI in collaboration between the Green Building Council of Australia and the Australian Steel Institute.

The ASI ESC promotes a culture of continuous improvement through sustainable business practices designed to increase productivity and efficiency whilst achieving environmental improvement.

In addition to promoting a whole of business approach to environmental sustainability, Central Engineering can provide constructors on projects requiring Green Star Building Certification with a Green Star ‘Steel’ credit of two points. Green Star is Australia's trusted mark of quality for the design and construction of sustainable buildings, fitouts and communities.

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Central Engineering is proud to have received the ASI ESC Environmental Sustainability Charter Award for 2013. 

Some of the Environmental Improvement activities taken by Central Engineering are listed below:

Resource Efficiency

2066 dexusCentral Engineering works with customers and design consultants at the design and tender stage to reduce the tonnes of structural steel and other resources used in projects through design efficiency and effective use of steel grades – with both environmental improvement and project cost savings the result.


Solar Electricity

Solar 2Central Engineering has installed a 30kW solar electricity system reducing demand for carbon based power. Future enhancements include plans for peak electricity demand management to reduce load on external networks.


Invertor Welders

welderCentral Engineering has adopted a planned program of replacing all transformer welders with lower energy use inverter welders. Inverter welders also provide ergonomical and weld flow benefits improving efficiency in welding productivity for our high quality fabricated steel products.

Sustainable Structural Steel
OnesteelCentral Engineering supports Australian manufacturers, steel quality and the environment by purchasing only Australian-manufactured structural steel produced by ISO14001 EMS and World Climate Action program-certified suppliers such as OneSteel.

Hazardous Substances

hazard-subAll hazardous substances are stored in clearly defined areas and have appropriate signage. They are disposed of in accordance with supplier recommendations. MSDS sheets are available for all hazardous materials in the factory.


Management of Spills

 spillA spill kit comprising of rags, absorptive material, broom, shovel are kept in close proximity to the storage areas.  All storage areas are inspected on a regular basis. All spills are cleaned up immediately.


LED Lighting

LED LightingCentral Engineering replaced all workshop mercury vapour lamps with High Bay LED lamps, significantly reducing electricity consumption and carbon footprint, while also improving workshop floor lighting and delivering a positive return on investment.

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Noise Control

noise controlManagement practices are applied to minimise noise below environment protection and local law levels during all hours of operations. In the workshop employees must wear ear protection at all times. Activity types outside regular hours are controlled to ensure local residents are not adversely affected.


Local Environment

Currumbin EstuaryOur manufacturing facility is located adjacent to Currumbin Creek Estuary. Central Engineering supports local environment groups in caring for this beautiful natural environment including sponsoring Friends of Currumbin for native revegetation projects in 2013.




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