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Australian Industry Group BAustralian Industry Group
Central Engineering Pty Ltd has been a member of the Australian Industry Group since 19th September,1995.

ASI CharterAustralian Steel Institute Environmental Sustainability Charter ESC
As an ESC Charter Member we commit to run our business along sustainable lines, demonstrate environmental responsibility, and share out knowledge of sustainability with other.

aust-steel-instAustralian Steel Institute Fabricator Member to 30 June 2014
As a fabricator member of the ASI we commit to deliver - High Quality Australian fabricated steelwork, Excellent workmanship, Full compliance with all appropriate safety and environmental standards.

master builderMaster Builders Long Serving Member
Central Engineering Pty Ltd has been a member of Master Builders since 2000.

master builderMaster Builders Trade Alliance
Central Engineering Pty Ltd has been admitted to Master Builders Trade Alliance. 8 June 2000




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