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Adra LogoADRA Australia
Central Engineering is a proud supporter of ADRA Australia in its local, national and international humanitarian activities working with people in poverty and distress to create just and positive change through empowering partnerships and responsible action.



Basket BrigadeMagic Moments Foundation - Gold Coast Basket Brigade
Central Engineering supports Magic Moments Foundation Gold Coast Basket Brigade whose volunteers work before the December holiday season to give food, items, and even toys to needy families.


Palm Beach School

Student Support - Palm Beach Currumbin State School
Most students need to complete a period of Work Experience before trying to obtain a Traineeship or Apprenticeship. This allows students to:
•Gain skills which will be useful in a traineeship or apprenticeship, make them employable, and may give them an edge when applying for a job, traineeship or apprenticeship 
•Gain an understanding of what is expected in that industry (e.g., construction – getting to work at 5am, following OHS principles) 
•Experience 'real life in the workplace', (e.g., getting to work on time, following an employer’s instructions)


CommunityCommunity Support Organisations

Central Engineering donates to other community support organisations including - Variety Queensland Inc; Deaf Sport and Recreation Queensland; Drug Awareness and Relief Foundation; Movember Foundation to assist them in their charitable endeavours.





PCYC Youth Development 
Youth Management Teams provide opportunities for young people to develop leadership skills and abilities. PCYC is a not for profit organisation that's for the whole community.





Vocational Support - Gold Coast Institute of TAFE 
Certificate 1
Students undertake introductory competencies relating to engineering, fabrication and mechanical, covering theory, practical and work experience.  Students will perform engineering measurements, apply quality procedures, use hand and power tools, perform routine gas tungsten and metal arc welding as well as mechanical cutting.

Certificate IV
The apprentice will generally be involved in the production, manufacture and repair of a wide range of light metal products, including ducts for air-conditioning, hospital and catering equipment, office furniture, refrigeration cabinets, tanks, vats and pipes using thin, flat sheets of metal. The metal sheets are mainly of zinc-covered steel, stainless steel, vinyl covered steel, copper and aluminium, and usually are not more than 3mm thick. 


GCCC ImageGold Coast Christian College
Gold Coast Christian College centrally located Reedy Creek has a reputation for nurturing children through their key developmental years. With an enriched curriculum the college is committed to expanding children's love for learning and the development of a positive self image. Central Engineering is pleased to support the college in it's activities.



TVAC ImageTweed Valley Adventist College
Tweed Valley Adventist College is located in magnificent rural setting at Murwillumbah NSW. The college
 is committed to the wellbeing of the entire college community adopting a wholistic approach caring for the needs of Tweed Valley Adventist College students and their families. The college believes all students have an equal right to learn, work and play, while being treated with respect and dignity encouraging them to appreciate their own worth, and that of others, so that each can develop to his or her potential. The college promotes respect and care for the environment, as well as the development of a deepening sense of care for others, especially those who are disadvantaged. Emphasis is on positive relationships between School, students, staff and families.  This is vital in the interests of the wellbeing of the students.







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